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Systems created for the permanent and watertight repair of below-ground pipes, without the need for excavation. 

Pipe Doctor, Trenchless Sectional Point Patch Repair

Pipe Patch and Point repair is a proactive approach which provides a structural point repair within a pipe. When compared to digging or lining an entire pipe, the Pipe patching No Dig systems only repairs areas that require rehabilitation—saving time, investments, materials and hours of labor. Patch repair is able to efficiently make multiple repairs, remain environmentally friendly and may only require as little as one factory trained installer by utilising trench less technology.

As infrastructure constantly requires maintenance, a point repair is a cost effective solution for structurally rehabilitating pipes, allowing customers to allocate their time, funds and resources elsewhere.

The Pipe Doctor system was created for the permanent and watertight repair of below-ground pipes, without the need for excavation. This trenchless repair method saves time and cost on-site and reduces disruption to the surrounding area.

The Pipe Doctor No-Dig Pipe Repair range delivers contractors a permanent and watertight finish to damaged pipes, every time. The Pipe Doctor range has been designed to offer professional repair without the need for excavation of the pipework, saving time, disruption and, of course, cost.

TYGERPatch PipePatch Tee & Wye Lateral Seal A 360° or Top Hat CIPP Tee and Wye lateral system, connecting from the main to the lateral

The TYGERPatch PipePatch Lateral Seal system creates a mainline to lateral seal repair without needing access to the homeowner’s property or disrupting live flow in the mainline. The TYGERPatch mechanically bonds to all pipe types.

Once installed, the system forms a smooth transition and may be used in a wide variety of configurations. The TYGER Patch is designed to extend 6″ into the lateral.