TYGERPatch PipePatch Tee & Wye Lateral Seal

A 360° or Top Hat CIPP Tee and Wye lateral system, connecting from the main to the lateral

The TYGERPatch PipePatch Lateral Seal system creates a mainline to lateral seal repair without needing access to the homeowner’s property or disrupting live flow in the mainline. The TYGERPatch mechanically bonds to all pipe types.

Once installed, the system forms a smooth transition and may be used in a wide variety of configurations. The TYGERPatch is designed to extend 6″ into the lateral.


  • Based on the Foundation of PipePatch
  • Uses PipePatch Silicate Resin
  • Protects against infiltration and exfiltration
  • Seals mainline and lateral connection
  • Consistent ambient cure time
  • NO Dig Lateral Seal System does not disrupt mainline service
  • Used in lined or unlined pipe

Technical Specifications

  • 360° repairs for 4″-6″ laterals and 8″-12″ mainlines
  • Top Hat repairs for 4″-6″ laterals in up to 32″ mainline
  • Installation methods include Manual push rod system or Robotic system
  • Pre-packaged kitted system
  • Environmentally safe – contains no VOCs or Styrene
  • Powered by Schwalm USA packers